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Vancouver Handman Services


This is where our versatile repair technicians excel. They possess extensive experience in tackling unique repairs that leave you unsure of whom to call. Whether it involves steel, aluminum, wood, concrete, or a range of other materials, our technicians have encountered a wide array of challenges and can offer effective solutions tailored to your needs.

Vancouver Handman Services


Imagine a scenario where a passing vehicle dislodges a short staircase from the wall, creating a hazardous 4-foot drop for anyone exiting the door. Our team swiftly addresses immediate safety concerns like these. In this specific case, we welded new steel anchor points, reattached the staircase to the wall using heavy-duty concrete anchors, rust-primed the new additions, and repaired the damaged concrete door threshold that crumbled when the original anchors were pulled out. Restoring safety at your property is one of our specialties.


Sometimes, certain building materials or products are no longer available from manufacturers. When faced with missing sections in a commercial ceiling system, we employ our expertise in custom fabrication. Our technicians craft new steel slats from sheet metal that seamlessly snap into the system's framework. We meticulously paint them to match the existing components before installation. Custom fabrication is a valuable skill in situations where it's the best or only option.


Our service technicians are passionate about building and repairing things; it's a way of life for them. Whether working on vintage cars, constructing motorized paragliders, or building boat trailers in their spare time, they continuously hone their skills because they genuinely enjoy it. This passion enables Secured Property Group to deliver innovative repair and maintenance solutions, with handymen who thrive on challenges.


Secured Property Group is committed to providing exceptional handyman services. Contact us today to benefit from our skilled technicians' expertise and their unwavering dedication to resolving complex maintenance issues efficiently.

Vancouver Handman Services

Interested in discussing your security guard needs? Get in touch and we’ll be happy to tailor our services to your specific needs. 

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