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Vancouver Key Holding Security


The key to a stress-free break. Trust our reliable Key Holding Solutions for Your Security Needs.


Business owners occasionally require time away from their enterprises to recharge. To ensure peace of mind during these absences, Secured Property Group offers our reliable keyholding service. We understand the importance of business security and provide business owners with the assurance that their establishments remain safeguarded.


With a focus on insurance and risk management, an increasing number of companies are entrusting this crucial responsibility to professional security firms capable of round-the-clock emergency response. Whether our clients are traveling, on vacation, or temporarily unavailable to address situations promptly, Secured Property Group gladly assumes the role of the primary response team, ensuring swift action in the event of any issues.

Vancouver Key Holding Security
Vancouver Key Holding Security


Our efficient key holding service operates through a straightforward process. Upon receiving the property keys, we carefully note any specific instructions provided for the premises. In the event of an alarm activation, our response is immediate. We swiftly dispatch a trained security guard to the location, equipped with a set of keys, ready to conduct a thorough inspection and address the alarm promptly. Throughout the inspection, our team diligently assesses for any visible damage or indications of forced entry, ensuring a comprehensive evaluation of the property's security status. The clients then will receive a detailed written report encompassing all relevant information related to the alarm incident.


To further enhance security measures, our keyholding service seamlessly integrates with our Mobile Security service, providing an additional layer of protection for our valued clients.

Interested in discussing your security guard needs? Get in touch and we’ll be happy to tailor our services to your specific needs. 

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