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Secured Property Group


Secured Property Group has established itself as one of Western Canada's most trusted providers of security and property management services. Our integrated synergistic solutions, coupled with flexible modern working practices, enable us to deliver efficient and comprehensive services that consistently surpass expectations.


At Secured Property Group, we believe security is just one piece of the crime prevention puzzle. Criminality flourishes where environmental circumstances and opportunity allow it. Keeping a property clean, safe and well-lit acts as a powerful deterrent to opportunistic thieves. We believe our services offer a synergetic solution that tackles the root cause of the problem.


Vancouver Security Service

At Secured Property Group, our mission is to deliver integrated and synergistic security and building maintenance solutions that exceed expectations, safeguarding properties and enhancing peace of mind through trust and excellence.

Our vision at Secured Property Group is to lead Western Canada in providing innovative, reliable security and building maintenance services, ensuring safer, more secure communities and thriving properties.

Where Safety meets Excellence, we stand S.E.C.U.R.E., guarding your world with unwavering commitment:

Security Excellence: At the core of our values is a commitment to providing security solutions of the highest standard. We strive for excellence in every aspect of our services, ensuring that your safety is our top priority.

Ethical Conduct: Upholding the highest ethical standards is non-negotiable for us. Our team operates with integrity, ensuring transparency, honesty, and ethical conduct in all interactions.

Commitment to Safety: Our unwavering dedication to safety is the foundation of our mission. We are committed to creating environments where individuals and assets are safeguarded against potential risks.

Unity in Teamwork: We believe in the power of collaboration. Through strong teamwork and unity, we enhance our capabilities and deliver cohesive security solutions that stand the test of challenges.

Reliability in Service: Being reliable is more than a commitment; it's our promise. You can depend on us to consistently deliver effective and efficient security services tailored to your unique needs.

Excellence in Execution: Striving for excellence isn't just a goal; it's our standard operating procedure. We execute our responsibilities with precision and dedication, setting benchmarks for exceptional service.

S.E.C.U.R.E. encapsulates our dedication to Security Excellence, Ethical Conduct, a Commitment to Safety, Unity in Teamwork, Reliability in Service, and Excellence in Execution. Choosing our services means choosing a partner committed to securing your world with utmost integrity and proficiency


At Secured Property Group, we understand that security is just one piece of the crime prevention puzzle. Criminal activity thrives in environments conducive to it. By keeping properties clean, safe, and well-lit, we create a powerful deterrent against opportunistic thieves. Our services offer a synergetic solution that tackles the root causes of the problem. 

Over the years, we have proudly fostered and maintained enduring client relationships across various business sectors. .

In our every interaction, safety is—and always will be—our number one priority. Before accepting any contract, we carry out a risk assessment that involves examining criminality in the area, an historic track record of the area and how the environment could be improved to deter crime. From this, we target deficiencies and make recommendations that will take property security to the next level. We treat our clients’ property as we’d like our own to be handled.


Vancouver Parking Enforcement Services


Our years of security consulting have given us a unique lens into the strategic needs of our clients. Secured Property Group can also manage strategic issues that may have a long-term impact on the services we provide to our clients. These typically involve (but aren’t limited to) management commitment, clear decision-making authority, teamwork enhancements and potential resource constraints.

While other companies can offer security or property maintenance, none can match the years of multi-industry international expertise offered by The Secured Property Group.

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